Copperhead Ag, a leading agricultural equipment supplier, has recently acquired Sunco Farm Equipment, a move that has allowed the company to expand its product offerings significantly. Copperhead Ag sales manager Jake Jass has showcased the new line of residue managers, nutrient applicators, row cleaners, and more in a recent video.

Jass provided a detailed rundown of the various products on offer and explained the features and benefits of each one. The new products are designed to help farmers improve their crop yields and increase efficiency in their farming operations.

One of the key products showcased in the video is the Sunco Saber Tooth troublemaker. This residue manager is designed to help farmers manage crop debris and improve planting operations for the next season. It features a spring-loaded knife that cuts through crop residue while also providing enough downforce to create a clean seedbed.

Another notable product in the lineup is the Sunco Opti-Clean row cleaner. This row cleaner features a rotating brush that effectively removes any debris from the planting row, improving seed-to-soil contact and ultimately resulting in higher crop yields.

The video also showcased the Sunco ProPass nutrient applicator, which is designed to provide precise and accurate nutrient application to crops. The ProPass is capable of applying up to eight different dry materials at once, making it an ideal choice for farmers looking to improve their crop’s nutrient levels.

Other products in the lineup include the Saber Tooth Dual Headed, the Saber Tooth Clamp, and the Residue Master, all of which are designed to improve planting efficiency and help farmers achieve higher yields.

The acquisition of Sunco Farm Equipment has allowed Copperhead Ag to not only expand its product offerings but also to offer a higher level of service and support to its customers. The company is now better equipped to provide expert advice and guidance to farmers looking to improve their crop yields and increase efficiency in their operations.

The new line of products is also expected to help Copperhead Ag maintain its position as a leading agricultural equipment supplier in the market. With its focus on innovation and customer service, the company is poised to continue growing and helping farmers achieve their goals.

Overall, the video showcasing the new Sunco products provides farmers with a comprehensive overview of the latest agricultural equipment available on the market. The products showcased in the video are designed to help farmers improve planting efficiency, manage crop debris, and increase yield potential, ultimately leading to a more successful farming operation.

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