Gettr, the social media platform that has been gaining popularity among conservatives in the United States, has come under scrutiny once again. According to recent reports, the platform is allegedly controlled by Guo Wengui, a Chinese billionaire who is currently living in the United States. Former employees of Gettr have spoken out about the billionaire’s involvement in the platform’s operations, including his control over content and decision-making processes.

Guo Wengui is a controversial figure who is known for his outspoken criticism of the Chinese government. He has been accused of various crimes in China, including fraud, bribery, and sexual assault. He fled the country in 2015 and has since been living in the United States, where he has become an influential figure among Chinese dissidents and anti-communist activists.

The allegations about Guo Wengui’s involvement in Gettr were first reported by Politico, which cited interviews with four former employees of the platform. The employees claimed that Guo Wengui was involved in all major decisions related to Gettr, including the selection of senior executives, the platform’s design and functionality, and its content moderation policies.

One former employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Politico that Guo Wengui was “the ultimate decision-maker” for Gettr. “He was the one calling the shots,” the employee said. “Everything had to be approved by him.”

Another former employee said that Guo Wengui was directly involved in the platform’s content moderation policies, including the decision to ban certain users and topics. “He was very hands-on with the content moderation,” the employee said. “He would give instructions to the moderation team on what to look for and what to remove.”

Gettr was launched in July 2021 by Jason Miller, a former adviser to Donald Trump. The platform bills itself as a free speech alternative to Twitter, which has been criticized by many conservatives for its alleged bias against right-wing voices. Since its launch, Gettr has attracted a large number of conservative users, including several high-profile figures in the Republican Party.

The platform has also been criticized for its lax approach to content moderation, which has allowed the spread of misinformation and extremist content. Gettr has faced several controversies in recent months, including the publication of a doctored photo of Vice President Kamala Harris, which was shared by one of the platform’s users.

The allegations about Guo Wengui’s involvement in Gettr are likely to fuel concerns about the platform’s commitment to free speech and its links to the Chinese government. Guo Wengui has been accused of being a tool of the Chinese government by some critics, who allege that he is using his wealth and influence to promote Beijing’s interests in the United States.

The former employees who spoke to Politico said that they were concerned about the platform’s ties to Guo Wengui and the potential risks this could pose to its users. “There’s a big concern that this platform is being used for propaganda purposes,” one employee said. “We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

In response to the allegations, Gettr issued a statement denying that Guo Wengui was involved in the platform’s operations. “Gettr is a U.S. company that is majority-owned and operated by Americans,” the statement read. “Mr. Guo has no ownership stake in Gettr and has never been involved in the company’s management or operations.”

However, the former employees who spoke to Politico said that this was not accurate. They claimed that Guo Wengui was heavily involved in the platform’s operations and that his influence was felt throughout the organization.

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