Graham Potter: Mason Mount has important decision to make over his future

Graham Potter: Mason Mount has important decision to make over his future

Graham Potter, the head coach of Brighton & Hove Albion, has voiced his opinion on Mason Mount’s future at Chelsea. Mount’s contract talks with the London club have been referred to as “complicated,” and Potter has urged the midfielder to make the “best decision for him and his family.” He has even gone as far as to call on Chelsea’s owners to resolve the situation “quickly.” Potter has confirmed that he has spoken to Mount about “life in general” and that his “feelings” on the star are clear.

Potter’s encouragement comes at a crucial time for Mount, who is approaching the time when he needs to make a decision on his future. The midfielder has been told by Potter that he has a future at Chelsea, which highlights the potential that the young star has. However, Mount has several options available, and he needs to weigh up his choices carefully.

Mount’s current form makes him a valuable asset for any team that may be interested in signing him. Chelsea’s struggles in front of goal have further highlighted the midfielder’s importance to the club. The team has only scored 23 goals from 22 games, and it is a statistic that continues to cost them dearly. With these factors in mind, the decision that Mount makes could have a significant impact on his future and on Chelsea’s fortunes.

In the end, the decision will rest with Mount, and he must make the choice that is right for him and his family. However, it is clear that he has the support of Graham Potter, who believes in his potential and his abilities. The young midfielder has a bright future ahead of him, and it will be interesting to see how his decision shapes his career in the years to come. Chelsea fans will undoubtedly hope that Mount chooses to stay with the club, but they will also understand if he feels that his future is elsewhere. Whatever happens, it is clear that the decision that Mount makes will be an important one.

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