J.R. Smith Was Lost After the NBA. Golf Became His Guide.

J.R. Smith Was Lost After the NBA. Golf Became His Guide.

J.R. Smith, a former basketball player for the NBA, found himself lost on the golf course. However, instead of panicking or calling for help, he decided to let the golf course guide him. The incident happened on a sunny day in February, as he was golfing in Los Angeles County. The terms of the settlement were confidential, but it is known that Smith got lost on the course and could not find his way back. In a stroke of luck, the markings on the golf course led him to safety, and he was able to make his way back without any trouble. This incident showed J.R. Smith’s resilience and resourcefulness in the face of uncertainty. The incident also highlights the importance of markers and signs on golf courses to guide players in finding their way back to safety. It is important to note that J.R. Smith is not only a talented athlete but also a brave and intelligent person who was able to think on his feet to find his way back home safely.

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