Adobe, the company behind Photoshop, has previewed new AI tools that could transform video editing by making it more accessible to beginners. These tools could democratize video editing as they have the potential to negate the need to learn complex video editing tools in most situations. This could be especially beneficial for people who make commercial or social media shorts. The new text-based video editing tools use natural language processing and are part of Adobe’s new family of generative AI tools called Adobe Firefly.

The new AI tools are still in their early stages and are only previews, with no timeline for their rollout across Adobe’s programs. However, the potential for video creation is huge. Some of the features demonstrated by Adobe include text-to-color enhancements for videos, generating captions, finding b-roll footage, and generating storyboards. A “generate storyboards” button can sketch out an entire sequence of shots for video creators to follow. In addition, the time-saving potential of the new AI tools is tremendous, which could cut the time it takes to edit a video drastically.

The Firefly tools are similar to ChatGPT and Midjourney, the frontrunners of the AI-powered revolution in chatbots, and image creation. Adobe is not willing to be left behind by these giants and is working on bringing ground-breaking AI tools for its video, audio, animation, and motion graphics apps. These new AI tools are not a replacement for genuine creativity or skilled video creators. Instead, they will likely open up basic video-editing skills to a broader audience, taking the usability of apps like Adobe Premiere Rush to a whole new level.

Learning how to use these new AI tools would be similar to learning how to use ChatGPT. The key skill required is likely to be understanding which prompts to use to achieve the desired effect. The more specific the prompts, the better the final result will be. These new AI tools are easy to use, and users don’t have to master the arcane symbols and jargon that characterize current video editing apps. Beginners can use simple text boxes to describe the look they want to achieve, making video editing software accessible to a wider audience.

The potential of text-to-image tools could be significant, and these tools could transform video editing from a complex and time-consuming process to a simple and accessible one. The power of these tools lies in their ability to understand vague statements like “make this scene feel warm and inviting” and apply the necessary edits. They can edit every aspect of a video’s creation, including music, sound effects, texts, logos, and b-roll footage.

Adobe’s Firefly tools could be a game-changer for video editors, and their potential is immense. Although there is no timeline for their rollout, these tools could transform the video-editing industry in ways that we have not seen before. They could make video editing more accessible, timely, and efficient, and it could simplify the video-making process. While there are still uncertainties, the Adobe Firefly AI tools are already providing a glimpse of a future that makes the video-editing process simpler, more accessible, and more efficient.

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