AMD’s newest laptop CPU line, Ryzen 7000, boasts a wide range of processors suited for various computing needs. However, the lineup is confusingly named, and a laptop with a Ryzen 7000 processor might contain chips built on different architectures, including Zen 2, Zen 3, Zen 3, and Zen 4. AMD has come up with a solution to the naming issue by introducing a visual cue in the form of a sticker that denotes Zen 4 processors, denoted by an orange sticker, and Zen 3, Zen 3, or Zen 2, which are denoted by a grey sticker with the old Ryzen logo. Though helpful to those in the know, the sticker might not be clear to those who are unaware of the naming convention, as it doesn’t identify which specific chip is being used in a laptop.

AMD’s lineup includes processors for every need, from AAA gaming to light office work, and the processor range for laptops is among the best currently available in the market. However, the Ryzen 7000 naming scheme may create confusion for some consumers while making it easier for retailers to advertise a laptop with a Ryzen 7000 chip without disclosing which architecture the chip belongs to, which may result in buyers purchasing laptops under false assumptions.

It’s important to note that while the highest number in the naming scheme roughly indicates the best performance, this is not always the case. For instance, the Ryzen 7040 laptop has the RDNA 3 graphics, while the Ryzen 7045, designed for gamers, has RDNA 2, considering these chips are often paired with some of the top discrete graphics cards. In contrast, the Ryzen 7020 belongs to the Zen 2 family, and it can’t be expected to deliver performance similar to that of Zen 4 laptops despite having the Ryzen 7000 branding.

AMD’s solution of stamps on laptops to indicate the architectural differences within the Ryzen 7000 umbrella will help consumers identify the type of processor they are getting. However, it’s also essential to pay attention to the specific details and specifications of processors, as just knowing that a laptop has a Ryzen 7000 CPU won’t necessarily provide any meaningful information.

AMD’s latest line of processors, among the best processors available in the market, is confusingly named, but the company’s recent disclosure of stickers to distinguish its different architectures is a step forward to ease consumer confusion when buying laptops. Consumers must pay close attention to the specifications of the processor and the laptop before making a purchase. Though the sticker may be helpful, it’s not a comprehensive solution in demystifying the naming schemes of different architecture chips under the Ryzen 7000 umbrella.

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