Fans of the James Bond franchise can now experience the thrill of being an agent in a 12-day, immersive tour across Europe, thanks to bespoke travel firm Black Tomato. The Agent Tour — a unique offering for those who can afford the hefty price tag of $73,500 per person — has been curated to mark the 60th anniversary of the Bond movie franchise, and is a fixed 12-night adventure, starting from London, with stops in Paris, Monaco, Lake Como and ending with a grand finale in Venice.

Black Tomato has partnered with Eon Productions, which owns the Bond franchise, to provide unique experiences from the movies. The tour offers a high-speed chase along the River Thames aboard the Sunseeker Superhawk speedboat used in the movie “The World Is Not Enough”; as well as a helicopter ride over Austria’s Ötztal Alps, which was also a location in the movie “Spectre.”

The itinerary also includes visits to places used in various films in the franchise, such as London’s oldest restaurant, Rules, which was a location in the movie “Spectre.” The tour also takes you on a yacht ride on the French Riviera to the Casino de Monte-Carlo, featured in “GoldenEye,” and ends with a grand dinner on the Venetian island of Murano. The tour can also be tailor-made according to specific interests with prices starting at $18,500 per person.

Black Tomato’s dedicated “James Bond Travel Experts” will work with travelers to design their tour based on their movie preferences, including locations, experiences, and specific Bond movies. Ali James, location manager for Eon, said that given the significant 60th-anniversary milestone for Eon and Bond franchise, “it is an apt moment to officially celebrate some of the extraordinary locations from Bond’s film history over the past six decades.”

The Agent Tour is not the only offering for Bond fans: Givenchy Beauty introduced a limited-edition makeup line inspired by the franchise in 2021, while James Bond enthusiasts can browse and buy a range of Bond-related hi-tech gadgets and cars, including the Aston Martin DB5, online.

Despite the hefty price tag, the Agent Tour has gained attention among avid fans of the James Bond franchise, with many flocking in to take part in the tour to experience the thrill of being a Bond agent. However, the cost of the package is clearly prohibitive for the vast majority of people, and only those with substantial financial resources can actually go on this tour.

The prospect of Black Tomato and Eon Productions providing these kinds of tailor-made tour packages for enthusiasts of its hugely popular movie franchise has opened the possibility of more investments to come in a similar vein, especially from luxury service providers targeting high net-worth individuals. This indicates that while primarily driven by the insatiable appetite of die-hard Bond fans, it’s also a smart way for businesses to engage the wealthy demographic looking for personalized, high-end experiences.

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