Norwegian clinical-stage company Oncoinvent has published two articles in special edition of Frontiers in Medicine focused on alpha radioisotopes. The first “Radiation safety considerations for the use of radium-224-calciumcarbonate-microparticles in patients with peritoneal metastasis” describes a Phase 1 trial of 224Ra-CaCO3-MP injection in six patients with colorectal cancer. Whole-body gamma camera imaging, urine analysis and blood tests allowed for effective radiation dose limits for hospital workers, carers and the public to be set. The next paper, “First experience with 224Radium-labeled microparticles (Radspherin®) after CRS-HIPEC for peritoneal metastasis in colorectal cancer (a phase 1 study)”, enrolled patients with increasing activity doses of 1 to 7 over 30 days. Oncoinvent CEO Jan A. Alfheim said the publications showed “all dose levels of Radspherin® are well tolerated with no dose limiting toxicities to date”.

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