Vektor Medical, a San Diego-based developer of next-generation arrhythmia mapping technology, has announced that Marlou Janssen and Dr. Craig McPherson have joined Vektor’s advisory board. Janssen, who has more than two decades of experience in medtech companies, including Philips, Biotronik, and St. Jude Medical, will support the company in its commercial development, growth planning, and leadership development. Meanwhile, McPherson, a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Yale University with over four decades of experience, will bring his clinical expertise to Vektor’s clinical advisory board.

Janssen has a proven track record in introducing growth-oriented strategies, executing sales and marketing plans, and managing high-performing cross-functional teams within large- and medium-sized organizations. Throughout her career, she has pioneered and launched several industry-first innovations. Joining Vektor’s advisory board, she said she was “thrilled to be joining Vektor’s advisory board to assist the team in the commercial roll-out of vMap. I believe Vektor’s technology is poised to disrupt the market and greatly enhance the care of individuals affected by cardiac arrhythmias.”

McPherson, one of America’s longest-serving cardiology program directors, has previously served as the chapter president and representative to the ACC’s Board of Governors. He will bring his wealth of experience and expertise to Vektor’s clinical advisory board. Speaking about the vMap technology, he said, “From my initial meeting with the Vektor team, it was immediately apparent to me that they have developed an exceptional technology with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of arrhythmias and significantly enhance patient outcomes. I’m excited to support Vektor in furthering their mission and leverage my expertise to increase awareness of Vektor’s groundbreaking solution.”

The vMap next-generation arrhythmia mapping technology, which has been FDA-cleared, enables rapid and non-invasive mapping of arrhythmia sources for focal or fibrillation-type arrhythmias in all four chambers of the heart, with 97.3% accuracy. The technology utilizes advanced machine learning techniques and proprietary computational models to extract valuable information from a standard 12-lead ECG, providing functional insights into the location of arrhythmia sources. The goal of vMap is to improve medicine by optimizing our understanding of arrhythmias and improving ablations by accurately identifying the sources of those arrhythmias.

In welcoming the two new advisory board members, Rob Krummen, CEO of Vektor Medical, said, “We are honored to welcome Marlou Janssen and Dr. Craig McPherson to our clinical advisory board. With their exceptional medical expertise and vast experience in electrophysiology, we are confident that they will provide invaluable insights and guidance to our team. Both of these exemplary leaders are acutely aware of the need for new technologies that can safely and effectively improve treatment for the millions of people suffering from arrhythmias. We are delighted they have chosen to join Vektor Medical’s effort to drastically improve cardiac care.”

Through its non-invasive cardiac arrhythmia technology, vMap, Vektor Medical is committed to enhancing arrhythmia care for the millions of individuals affected by atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias. Vektor Medical aims to enhance the success rate of first-pass ablation, reduce the risks associated with invasive mapping, and shorten procedure times. These advancements are expected to result in better outcomes for patients and a decrease in healthcare costs related to ablation procedures.

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