Fans of the Merc with a Mouth are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Deadpool 3, the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The movie marks Ryan Reynolds’ return as the wisecracking, fourth-wall-breaking antihero.

Although filming has not yet begun, there is already plenty of information circulating about the eagerly awaited movie.

First and foremost, the movie will be directed by Shawn Levy, who has previously worked with Reynolds on projects such as Free Guy and The Adam Project. According to an interview with Collider, Levy is relishing the opportunity to helm the film. “Developing a Deadpool movie is one of the most fun creative experiences of my life because it’s not just that it’s rated R. It’s that it’s so filled with self-awareness, and that makes in-writing very, very fun in a way that is unique to that franchise,” he said.

Excitingly for fans of the X-Men series, Hugh Jackman is set to return as Wolverine, despite the fact that his character died in 2017’s Logan. However, how he will be brought back is currently unknown.

This is where the movie’s connection to the wider Marvel universe comes in. Spider-Man: No Way Home recently explored the concept of a multiverse, allowing the film to incorporate concepts and characters from other Marvel universes. It’s possible that Deadpool 3 will do something similar, allowing the character to jump into various realities and dimensions.

Feige said to Collider that he has no doubt that the MCU will be able to handle Wade Wilson’s wit, calling him very unique Marvel character. “There are a lot of other characters that can handle it. It’s just figuring out…most importantly, story. What’s the compelling narrative? Who are the characters within the story?” he said.

The release date for Deadpool 3 is currently set for November 8th, 2024. Given the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19, this date may be subject to change.

Finally, for fans of the previous movies, there’s good news: Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel head Kevin Feige have both said that the movie will maintain its R-rating, which allows for graphic violence and profanity.

While we don’t yet know much more about the plot, the involvement of Jackman and the connection to the larger MCU mean that expectations are understandably high. With filming expected to begin sometime this year, fans will surely be hoping to see Deadpool’s return to the big screen as soon as possible.

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